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NSW Covid updates: Gladys Berejiklian predicts 100 cases after 77 cases confirmed

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says Sunday’s numbers point to one thing – and it’s not looking good for those in lockdown.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she has grave fears for the state’s Covid outbreak after 77 community cases were reported on Sunday morning.

Ms Berejiklian said the jump, almost doubling yesterday’s total of 44, meant health officials were preparing for over 100 on Monday as Australia’s most populous city enters a third week of lockdown.

“I’m anticipating the numbers in New South Wales will be greater than 100 tomorrow,” Ms Berejiklian told the media on Sunday morning.

“I’ll be shocked if it’s less than 100 this time tomorrow, of additional new cases. So we can’t stress enough the importance of not only following the rules but also realising the risk that the people who will suffer the most.”

The Premier urged everyone in Sydney to assume they had the virus and act accordingly to stem the spread of the state’s Delta strain outbreak.

“It‘s important to assume that when you’re leaving your home, given the numbers are what they are, it’s important to assume that you have the virus or anyone you’re interacting with has the virus,” she continued.

Tragically, NSW recorded Australia’s first death from the coronavirus this year, after a woman aged in her 90s caught the virus “within the home setting”.

The spike in cases came after a number of illegal gatherings were busted as part of the city’s extended police crackdown. A group of elderly men up to the age of 90 playing cards in Marrickville were told to disperse after being caught, while an 18-year-old’s birthday party in the Western Suburbs was also broken up.

NSW police deputy commissioner Gary Worboys said 106 infringement notices were issued in the last 24 hours across “not just Greater Sydney but into country New South Wales as well”.

“Six of those notices went to people around Orange and eight of those notices to Kings Cross and out to Penrith and also in south-west Sydney,” he said.

“So the spread of the infringement notices is right across the state, which is disappointing. What I do know is that people continue, again, right across the state, to ring Crime Stoppers, to report people who are going outside of the order.”

Ms Berejiklian refused to comment on the possibility of the lockdown ending on its proposed date of Friday 16th, saying the numbers “are not going in the right direction”.

“We always have to assess the health advice. But I think it’s pretty plain to see that the numbers are not going in the right direction at this point in time and I want the community to be prepared for that,” she said.

“Unfortunately, I know that for a few days, as soon as we have health advice that gives us information on where the numbers are tracking and what we think the future looks like, we’ll convey that.”

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