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NSW lockdown press conference crashed by protester

NSW’s coronavirus press conference has been thrown into chaos by a protester declaring that he is “God”.

NSW’s coronavirus press conference ended in bizarre scenes on Monday after a protester calling himself “God” attempted to approach Police Commissioner Mick Fuller to serve him a “cease and desist” notice.

The bearded man, identified as Sean Alun-David Thomas, was dragged away from the podium by officers, with TV networks cutting away as it became clear the press conference had been hijacked.

“I have a question for you,” Mr Thomas said as Mr Fuller finished answering a journalist’s question.

“Did you receive my notice of cease and desist?”

“It’s not your time,” Mr Fuller said.

“Sorry, sorry, no, no – you were served,” Mr Thomas said, approaching the podium holding a Manila folder.

“Don’t come near me,” Mr Fuller said.

“You were served a notice of cease and desist last year,” Mr Thomas said. “I captured everything. I am the prime creator of this earth.”

A copy of the “cease and desist” notice was handed was to media.

The conspiracy-theory laden message makes references to Covid-19 vaccines, “fraudulent testing” and reptilians.

Mr Thomas’ social media pages share a similar theme.

On Facebook he talks about the spiritual act of sungazing in order to reach self-realisation, and posts content related to the universe, chakras and becoming a galactic society.

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