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NSW treasurer apologises to Fairfield residents as workers queue for hours for testing

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet has apologized to residents in Sydney’s southwest, as thousands of essential workers in the area have been forced to queue for hours for coronavirus testing.

On Tuesday, the rush comes after the state government announced new restrictions for essential workers in the Fairfield local government area, who must now get tested every three days if they work outside the area.

Long queues are forming around the pop up Covid clinic at the Fairfield Showgrounds.

The change was initially due to be introduced on Wednesday but has since been pushed back to Saturday.

“Can I just say, on behalf of the government, I apologize to everyone in Fairfield for this significant inconvenience,” Mr. Perrottet told 2GB on Wednesday. But can I also thank them because it’s the sacrifice that they’re making today and last night that keeps people safe?”

Long queues are forming around the pop-up Covid clinic at the Fairfield Showgrounds.

He also said people could get tested outside Fairfield at testing sites across metropolitan Sydney. Fairfield has quickly become the new epicenter of Sydney’s outbreak, fuelled by the highly-infectious Delta variant. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian also acknowledged the long wait times and said the government would rectify that. “We accept that people had to wait a long time; we experienced this as well on the Northern Beaches,” Ms. Berejiklian told reporters.

“I apologize if anyone was inconvenienced.

“Please know we are working hard to make sure we have plans in the community; we are keeping in contact with a local health district as well as community leaders to make sure resources are where they are needed.”

Ms. Berejiklian encouraged essential workers to get tested as close as possible to their place of work to help ease the pressure on testing centers in Fairfield.

“If you don’t have symptoms and need to conduct work outside your home, you can get tested at the closest place to your workplace as opposed to in the Fairfield area to take pressure off Fairfield,” she said.

“The health orders do say that it is not until the weekend that comes into place, but we appreciate a lot of people came forward to get tested, and we are deeply grateful for that.

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