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Parents are ‘suing their kids’ schools’ over the issue of critical race theory

Critical race theory in schools is already becoming a bread and butter issue that ordinary American families are concerned about – with some parents even suing their kids’ schools over the teaching of the content, says The Australian’s Adam Creighton.

“16 states in the US, Republican states largely, have already legislated against it in their school systems, so this is becoming a bread and butter issue that ordinary families are concerned about,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“There are actually parents fighting with each other and suing their various schools over this issue of critical race theory – so it’s really captured the national attention.

“It sounds very theoretical but at its core, it’s just teaching kids that racism is a permanent feature of society and that they are inherently racist – essentially from the day they’re born.

“That is, in essence, the ideology.”

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