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Proposed European Super League a ‘fiasco from start to finish’

Sky Sports News Chief Reporter Bryan Swanson says while nine of the 12 teams who signed on to the proposed European Super League have backed out following heavy backlash, the big question is why they didn’t consult supporters before entering it.

“I have never seen such a swift U-turn from a number of clubs as I’ve seen in the last couple of days,” he said.

“In the space of 48 hours, the domino effect, one by one very quickly they pulled out after a furious reaction from supporters and a furious reaction here from the government and political intervention.

“They massively underestimated I think the scale of the hostility towards this project.

“This has been a PR nightmare for them, it has been a shambles, a fiasco from start to finish and what they’re now doing is saying to the clubs, they’re saying to the fans involved, ‘we have listened to you’.”

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