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Reinserting US onto the world stage marked a ‘very good week’ for President Biden

President Joe Biden’s ability to reinsert the United States “back into the equation” marked a “very good week” in his first trip overseas as leader, says Curtin University Political Analyst Professor Joe Siracusa.

President Biden met up with leaders of the world’s most advanced economies before holding talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Switzerland.

“President Biden had a very good week – he attended a series of summits and conferences, he reinserted the United States back into the equation,” Professor Siracusa told Sky News.

“Now, it’s not that he knocked everybody over, at the G7, he let them know that the United States was back at the table.

“He did very well with NATO, he got NATO to say some things they didn’t want to say particularly taking an anti-Chinese position and the Europeans aren’t really crazy about jumping on that Biden-Morrison bandwagon.”

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