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Republican Party should ‘rightly be called the Trump Party’

The Republican Party still has loyalty to former President Donald Trump and is beginning to abandon Republican who do not like Trump like Liz Cheney, according to Perth USAsia Centre CEO Gordon Flake.

“The opinion within the remains of the Republican Party is overwhelmingly pro-Trump and as such overwhelmingly furious with formerly very conservative Republicans like former presidential candidate and standard-bearer Mitt Romney, or the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney,” he told Sky News.

Mr Flake said Ms Cheney had penned an op-ed in the Washington Post saying the Republican Party was becoming a cult of personality around former President Donald Trump and was “warning against” this happening.

“It really is a telling moment in the future of the party because it is now focused no longer on ideology, it’s no longer focused on policies or positions or even conservatives, however you define that, it really is on personality.”

“That’s what she’s warning against and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be that’s winning her a lot of favour within the rank and file of the Republican Party or the Trump Party as it should rightly be described right now.”

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