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Russia Ukraine war fears: Videos reveal massive military build-up on border

NATO has formally warned Russia against sending troops into Ukraine as Moscow’s military builds up on the border, worrying defense watchers. An evolving crisis on the Russia-Ukraine border has Europe on high alert, with a defense watcher warning the situation could descend into a “world war” within weeks if tensions aren’t stemmed. Russian officials have been quick to downplay footage of tanks, artillery, and as many as 4000 troops mobilizing on the disputed border, which has been under the microscope since 2014 when Russia invaded the Crimea region, which is internationally recognized as being part of Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin authorized military force, which saw Moscow seize Crimea and details of the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine.

All of these actions were preceded by Russian troop build-up on the border.

Worryingly, recent footage has emerged of the Russian military again setting up shop in Voronezh, Rostov, and Krasnodar’s regions on Ukraine’s eastern border.

As the heat once again begins to rise between the two nations, a Russian military expert has pondered whether the world might be equipped to deal with a new assault on Ukraine.

Speaking to the Rosbalt news organization in Russia, defense analyst Pavel Felgenhauer said the unpredictability of the nation’s push was cause for extra concern. “The crisis has the potential to escalate into a pan-European war, if not even a world one,” Mr. Felgenhauer said. “For now, (just) potential. Will it happen or not? Let’s wait and see. In the West, they don’t know what to do about it.”

He added that Russia was building towards its annual Victory Day parade on May 9, when examples of the nuclear superpower’s arsenal will be paraded through the Moscow streets. Putin will give a keynote speech. Mr. Felgenhauer said the closure of pro-Russian TV channels in Ukraine, the threat of arrest and trial of Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchyuk, the arrest of Alexei Navalny.

US President Joe Biden called Putin a “killer” were all pieces of the puzzle in Russia’s latest display of power. The threats are growing, and rapidly. Much is not discussed in the media, but we see ominous signs,’ he said. “The facts are there; everything is already happening.

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