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Saudi Arabia-Iran ‘secret talks’ lead to ‘watershed’ de-escalation of tensions

Sky News US contributor Michael Ware says a “watershed” de-escalation of tensions has occurred in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia and Iran issued historical statements of goodwill. Both nations reportedly met for ‘secret talks’ last month to discuss moving toward a more peaceful relationship. This week released expressions indicative of a more conciliatory approach moving forward.

Mr. Ware said Saudi Arabia severed ties with Iran back in January 2016, close to when former president Donald Trump was sworn in. “All through the Trump presidency Saudi Arabia knew that it had America writing it essentially a blank security cheque,” he said. Under the Trump administration, the policy imposed maximum economic pain through sanctions on Iran as an incentive to bring the nation to the negotiating table. Many experts agree that Saudi Arabia may now feel that America doesn’t entirely have its back and won’t defend it,” Mr. Ware said. So Saudi Arabia is feeling pressured to reach out to Iran.

Why might this be happening? The simple answer is the Biden administration.

The Biden administration has made it clear it wishes to re-engage in negotiations with Iran and bring back the Iran nuclear deal that was agreed to under former president Barack Obama.

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