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Senator Mark Rubio slams Cuba’s ‘failed’ Marxist and Socialist regime

Republican Senator Marco Rubio has delivered a powerful speech in the senate – detailing how Marxism and Socialism have “failed” the people of Cuba. “Socialism and Marxism have done Cuba what it has done everywhere in the world that it’s tried; it has failed,” he said.


“What’s happened in Cuba is Socialism has failed; it has to repress the people who complain about it.

“You don’t get your freedom back, and like socialists always do, they have to find someone to blame.

“And who do they blame? Number one, they blame anyone in the country that doesn’t agree with them. “

Senator Rubio has been outspoken about the protests that have broken out in the Havana capital and smaller cities. A demonstration hits close to home as Mr. Rubio’s parents are Cuban and migrated to Florida in 1956.

Thousands of Cubans have taken to the streets to protest for their freedom in a communist regime as the country faces an economic crisis. Senator Rubio’s argued the United States and the international community need to stand by the residents of Cuba and support their quest for freedom.

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