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South Africa truck heist: Viral video shows high-speed shootout

The hero guard, caught on dashcam keeping his cool as robbers attacked his armored car in a hail of bullets, has been identified as a former police sniper. The hero guard who managed to keep his cool, despite his armored car being attacked in a hail of bullets by two vehicles of gunmen, has been identified as a former police sniper. Leo Prinsloo, 48, was caught on the vehicle’s dashcam frantically battling the two groups of robbers as they attacked his cash-in-transit truck in South Africa.

Video of the high-speed chase went viral online, with many praising the heroic actions of Mr. Prinsloo and likening him to a real-life Jason Bourne.

The incident highlights the warlike daily conditions faced by security officers in the crime-ridden nation.

The two-and-a-half-minute clip, recorded on April 22 from inside the truck cabin, shows the two men, wearing bulletproof vests, coming under attack on a busy Pretoria road.

Mr. Prinsloo, who served with the South African Police Services special forces unit for 12 years, teaches the nation’s military special forces how to shoot. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr. Prinsloo said: “there was no way” he would let the robbers take the vehicle. I cannot say much as an investigation is underway, but my fellow guard and I did what was expected of us. He told the publication that they needed to take us out so they could take out the cargo vehicle,” he told the publication. “But there was no way I was going to let that happen.

Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to return fire.” In the wild footage, Mr. Prinsloo can be seen glancing in the rear view mirror moments before a black sedan pulls up alongside and series of loud bangs can be heard as a volley of bullets hits the reinforced glass of the Toyota Land Cruiser.

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