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Students disciplined for ‘slave trade’ Snapchat group chat about black students

A group of high school students has been caught discussing prices they would sell their African American classmates on Snapchat. A school district says it’s disciplined a group of students after they discussed selling their African American classmates in a group chat. A blurred screenshot from the Snapchat group has been shared online, which shows students saying they’d pay “100 bucks” for one student. Another said they’d pay $1 for a different student, adding, “Would be better if his hair wasn’t so bad”. The group was named with a racial slur and the word “Auction” and was previously called “Slave Trade”.

The group had also been named with a racial slur and the word “farm.

One of the parents of the children involved in the discussion confirmed the screenshot was valid to WFAA.

The group name also includes emojis of a black man with a gun and a white police officer.

The Aledo Independent School District (AISD) in Texas said that the incident happened more than two weeks ago and involved students at the Daniel Ninth Grade Campus.

The investigation determined “racial harassment and cyber-bullying had occurred and assigned disciplinary consequences”. However, parents said when they were initially contacted about the incident, they weren’t told it had anything to do with race.

Jo Jessup, the parent of a ninth-grade student, said initial emails to parents from Principal Carolyn Ansley discussed a cyberbullying and harassment incident and didn’t mention race.

Ms. Jessup said the incident could have been used as a learning tool for families to discuss racial issues.

The AISD said in its statement the incident had caused pain to the victims, their families, and other students of color. On Monday, parents received another email from Superintendent Dr. Susan Bohn saying, “There is no room for racism or hatred in the Aledo ISD, period”. The district didn’t disclose how many students were punished or what kind of action was taken. Law enforcement was part of the AISD’s investigation.

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