The best masks for glasses wearers, because foggy lenses aren’t an option

At this point in the pandemic, you probably have a mask for every occasion. There’s your simple mask, your dressy mask, your everyday mask, and some disposable ones to fill in the gaps. But what about the best cover for your glasses? You’re not the only one who is still looking for the white whale of face masks. Glasses fog is a real problem with shows and, if you can’t see where you’re going, that kind of defeats the whole purpose of wearing glasses. The best covers for glasses wearers are out there, though.

For what it’s worth, glasses fog happens when warm air leaks out of the top of your mask. That causes condensation to form and fogs up your glasses. The solution is a mask with a better fit, particularly around the nose. Features like metal nose bridges and adjustable ear loops can be beneficial for glasses wearers.

Ready to banish glasses fog? Here are the best face masks for glasses wearers.

The Conico masks are an Etsy bestseller. Why? Not only do they fit well, but they also won’t fog your glasses. These masks are similar to a KF94 cover—the Korean version of an N95—with a wide band around the middle for extra protection. Adjustable ear loops help you get that just-right fit. Choose between a range of pretty patterns or primary colors. “I am so happy, I can finally go out without my glasses fogging all the time!” a happy customer wrote in the reviews.

These masks feature a seamless 3D knit construction that provides four-way stretch to minimize gaps. The end result? Better protection. They also have adjustable earloops and a nose clip to allow you to get that just-right fit. An internal filter pocket lets you ramp up the defense even more. “It’s honestly the best face mask I’ve ever tried!” a five-star reviewer wrote. “It’s heavy and durable. It doesn’t slip around your face, the nose piece stays in place, and the adjustable ear straps make for a tight fit.”

At $5 for a three-pack, it’s hard to beat the price of these face masks. They have bendable metal nose bridge and adjustable ear loops to help you get a perfect fit. A nice perk: The covers also have a filter pocket, making it easy to slide in a PM 2.5 filter for extra protection. “I’ve been searching for a snug mask. This one leaves no gaps at my nose or on the side,” a five-star reviewer wrote.

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