The Latest: Australia’s leader banks on tech to fix climate

The Latest on U.N. climate summit COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland:

GLASGOW, Scotland — Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has insisted that curbing climate change must not come at a high cost to people and businesses, saying technology will provide solutions to the climate crisis.

Australia has pledged to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and at the COP26 climate conference on Monday, Morrison said by 2030, Australia’s emissions will be 35% below 2005 levels. That is more than Australia’s commitment, made in Paris six years ago, but weaker than many other wealthy nations. The United States has committed to reductions of between 50% and 52% below 2005 levels.

Morrison said, “technology will have the answers to a decarbonized economy, particularly over time — and achieve it in a way that does not deny our citizens, especially in developing economies, their livelihoods or the opportunity for a better quality of life.”

The Australian leader said, “raising the cost of energy just impacts those who can afford it least” and said “driving down the cost of technology” would be essential to Australia hitting its net-zero target.

GLASGOW — India’s prime minister says his country will aim to stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere by 2070 — two decades after the United States and at least 10 years later than China.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the target Monday at the U.N. climate summit in Glasgow.

Modi said the goal of reaching “net zero” by 2070 was one of five measures India planned to undertake to meet its commitments under the Paris climate accord.

Experts from think tanks and universities said the move is significant, considering how new the concept is to India and the nation’s development status. Ulka Kelkar, who directs India’s climate policy analysis for the World Resource Institute, said it would be similar to the U.S. and Europe adopting net-zero goals 20 years ago.

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