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The question of Afghanistan War being worth it ‘will be debated for decades’

The question of whether the Afghanistan War was worth it is a “question historians will be debating for decades” as America and Australia both commit to removing troops by September, according to Perth USAsia Centre CEO Gordon Flake. “From the US perspective, Afghanistan now marks the United States’ longest war, it’s yet another war in which there was no clear victory defined or obtained, ‘worth it’ obviously is measured by a lot of factors,” he told Sky News.


Mr Flake said Australia “can hold its head high” over the Afghanistan War as it was a vital asset to America in the early years of the conflict. “From an Australian perspective, Australia played a very important role early on when the mission was clear, when it was an antiterrorism mission.”

“The much harder mission of nation-building is one where it’s difficult for any country to claim success in but as an ally of the US and as a member in the international community Australia can hold its head high.”

Molly Aronson

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