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There could be ‘more coronavirus than they’re seeing’ in America as testing drops

According to US Studies Center CEO Simon Jackman, there could be “more coronavirus than they’re seeing” in the United States as testing has dropped amid the vaccine rollout.


Mr. Jackman said the focus on the number of vaccinations administered and how this is a “perfect news story” was distracting from the number of tests given and impacting infection statistics.

“Have they taken the foot off on testing and actually perhaps more coronavirus out there than they’re seeing and indeed if you look closely, there is a slight uptick,” he told Sky News.

Molly Aronson

Molly Aronson is a 26-year-old government politician who enjoys bowling, running and jigsaw puzzles. She is creative and exciting, but can also be very greedy and a bit greedy.She is an australian Christian who defines herself as straight. She has a post-graduate degree in philosophy, politics and economics. She is allergic to grasshoppers.

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