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TikTok video shows cat removed from internal car compartment

US woman Jaysha Strong made a surprising discovery behind a wheel of her car after noticing a bizarre noise coming from under the accelerator pedal.

An unexpected hitchhiker has been discovered hiding out in an internal compartment of a woman’s car.

In video shared to TikTok this week, US-based woman Jaysha Strong filmed from the driver’s seat as a faint kitten meow could be heard coming from somewhere inside her car.

After checking the inside area, Ms Strong brought in someone else to help remove the mud flap of the car’s front right tyre.

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Using a sturdy screwdriver, a handyman was shown gradually pulling away the thick rubber, eventually exposing the scruffy fur of a small cat.

The animal appeared to be tightly packed into the compartment, screeching when the duo tried to coax it out.

Eventually its full body was freed from inside the car, but it didn’t look to be in the healthiest of conditions.

The kitten’s tongue was shown falling out of its face, while its eyes appeared strained and could barely open.

“OK look she’s thirsty,” the man was heard saying.

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More than 1.9 million people viewed the video and thousands were left wondering what happened to the kitten.

The woman later updated viewers to tell them she had decided to keep the cat and name him Kiko.

She confirmed she had booked an appointment to have him assessed by a vet.

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