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Tokyo Olympics will be ‘safe and secure’

Japanese authorities have allayed fears of a potential COVID outbreak at the Tokyo Olympics, reassuring the public that the Games will be “safe and secure”.

Data released last week showed that 83 per cent of Japanese citizens said the Games should be postponed or scrapped with billionaire businessman Masayoshi Son the latest high-profile figure to support its cancellation.

However, the Wall Street Journal’s Japan Editor Alastair Gale says the Japanese government is confident that the provisions in place for the Games will mitigate the possibility of a potential outbreak.

“So far the Japanese government has been very consistent in saying the games will go ahead and they are confident it will be safe and secure,” he said.

“You’re seeing opposition harden here but you’re not seeing anything from the government that indicates that they’re going to turn against the Games.

“I think they’re thinking we’ve got two months to go, the coronavirus numbers here are starting to come down.

“They’re crossing their fingers and their toes that that trend continues and the Games can go ahead and people can focus on the sport more than the concerns about health.”

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