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Train crash Taiwan: Officials seek arrest after derailment

There are calls for the arrest of the person allegedly responsible for Taiwan’s train derailment, with survivors sharing details of the carnage. Taiwanese prosecutors have identified a construction site manager whose lorry is suspected of causing a train crash, which has killed at least 51 people and leftover 156 injured.

It’s believed the train hit an unmanned lorry that slid 20m down a hillside onto the railway tracks due to its emergency brake not being properly engaged.

This shot the first four carriages into an upcoming tunnel, which resulted in the majority of the passenger mortalities. It’s estimated that authorities have rescued around 100 people from these carriages, which were violently crumpled upon impact.

Speaking to Taiwan’s United Daily News, one survivor said those stuck in the tunnel had to break the window to escape. “It felt like there was a sudden violent jolt, and I found myself falling to the floor,” she said. “We broke the window to climb to the roof of the train to get out.”

Another injured passenger said many were crushed underneath the train seats, which caused them to lose consciousness. “Many people were crushed under train seats in the collision. And there were other people on top of the seats. So those at the bottom were pressed and crushed and lost consciousness,” she said.

“At the beginning, they still responded when we called them. But I guess they lost consciousness afterward.”

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