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‘Tremendous appetite’ by far left Democrats to add four justices to Supreme Court

The potential for the Democrats to add four justices to the US Supreme Court stems from a “tremendous appetite” from the left of the party to control all branches of government, according to US Studies Centre CEO Simon Jackman. “Congress, coequal branch of government, essential and so delicately poised at the moment [with] the deft and constant political management that Speaker Pelosi has to engage in,” he told Sky


News. Mr. Jackman said the “left flank” of Congress believes Democrats could have total political control with the addition of the justices but the centrists who are “staring at dire re-election prospects” are not in favor of the proposal. In this brief window, they think they will have control of the White House, control of the House, to really move forward an oversized provocative item.

Like adding four justices to the Supreme Court,” he said. On the other hand, you have a bunch of centrist members of the Democratic caucus who are staring at pretty dire election prospects in 2022 … they want to put a handbrake a lot of that stuff and also some of the big-spending proposals as well.”

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