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United States passes major milestones as Australia continues to lag behind COVID-19 vaccinations

The United States’ COVID-19 recovery has passed significant milestones this week as Australia struggles to pass even its first phase. The United States’ COVID-19 recovery has passed significant milestones this week as Australia works to complete even its first phase. The hard-hit US met one hopeful milestone with half of its adults now having had their first vaccination, while from Monday, all over-18s were eligible to get their shot. The positive news from

America — the world’s worst-hit country — is a significant win for President Joe Biden, who overnight confirmed the government had passed 200 million vaccinations on day 92 of his term. Next week, Mr Biden announced the next phase of his operation inthe White House dubbedg “the ground game” — vaccinating all those over 16.

The jab will be available for the over 16s from the following Monday.

“Our objective is to reach everyone — everyone over the age of 16 in America,” Mr Biden said.

“Wherever you live, whatever your circumstances, if you are 16 or older, you are now eligible for a free COVID vaccine shot, and we have the vaccine to deliver.

“To put it simply: If you’ve been waiting for your turn, wait no longer.”

Mr. Biden bragged 80 percent of American seniors — aged 65 and older — have been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Australians aged between 50-69 will now be able to receive the COVID-19 jab … from May.

Just 1.72 million Australians have been vaccinated so far. ABC analysis this week said it could take up to August 2023 until the entire population is vaccinated.

Last month, we fell 85 percent short of the Prime Minister’s initial target, while according to the latest Our World data, Australia has delivered just 6.2 doses per 100 people.

Over 50s who are not already vaccinated will now get an AstraZeneca vaccine at respiratory clinics from May 3 and at GPs from May 17.

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