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US couple find 18 DeKay’s brownsnakes under bed

Trish and Max Wilcher got an unwelcome bedtime surprise this week, discovering that 18 snakes had been living in her bedroom. A woman has recalled the haunting moment she realized 18 snakes living underneath her bed. Trish Wilcher was preparing for a good night’s sleep this week when she spotted something unusual on the floor and, thinking it was a bit of fuzz, leaned down to grab it.

She instantly became aware that the object was not some fluffed-up carpet but a snake.

Ms. Wilcher, who lives in Augusta in the US state of Georgia, quickly alerted her husband Max, telling him, “we have snakes”, according to news site WJBF. The couple soon learned that far more than just one free loader to have made themselves comfortable in their home.

They ended up counting 17 baby snakes and a big one they believed to be an adult female.

Mr. Wilcher managed to pick each reptile up with a “grabber tool” and place them in a linen bag. The ordeal lasted several hours, and the couple worked well into the night collecting snakes before they were confident they had them all after capturing all the snakes, which were understood to be DeKay’s brown snakes, a small non-venomous species. The couple transported them to a nearby creek and released them. After the traumatic event, Mrs. Wilcher took to her local community’s Facebook group, expressing that she wasn’t entirely sure all of the snakes were gone. “Looking for a company to come to check my house for any more snakes inside. Last night we found 17 babies and a Mumma,” her post read.

We have looked, but I am not confident they are all gone.

More than 1000 people commented on her post, saying they would sell the house and move if it were them in her shoes. “I would have died if I ever found one in my house; I’m petrified of them,” one person said. “When the snakes outnumber your household members, it’s game over,” another said.

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