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US offers prizes to boost vaccine rates

People in the United States can be rewarded for getting the jab, with states offering new initiatives to boost vaccination rates. In the state of Ohio, a ‘Vax-a-Million’ lottery has made lucky winner Abbigail Bugenske 1 million dollars more prosperous, and CVS Pharmacy will similarly launch sweepstakes for those getting the shot with prizes to include cash, Super Bowl tickets, and cruises.


California Governor Gavin Newsom has encouraged vaccine lotteries by saying California awards the “largest prizes” of “any state in America”.

Molly Aronson

Molly Aronson is a 26-year-old government politician who enjoys bowling, running and jigsaw puzzles. She is creative and exciting, but can also be very greedy and a bit greedy.She is an australian Christian who defines herself as straight. She has a post-graduate degree in philosophy, politics and economics. She is allergic to grasshoppers.

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