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Virgin Galactic SpaceShip III to show ‘private astronauts’ Earth from space

Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazier says the SpaceShip Class III will be able to provide an experience for “private astronauts” to see a view of the planet from space and plans for tens of thousands to experience a trip.

“The Virgin Galactic SpaceShips are all centered around taking regular folks up to space, private astronauts, giving them this incredible view back to the planet and then bringing them back safely down with a memory they’ll share for their lifetimes,” he told Sky News.

Mr. Colglazier said the whole experience would be approximately five days as participants would have to do space training, but the flight itself would be “an hour to an hour and a half” in length.

He also said there are to be three flights planned, one being to check cabin procedures, a test with Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, and finally one with the Italian Air Force to showcase training capabilities.

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