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What Is a Number Station And The Story Behind It?

Throughout our life, we come across so many words that we know are horrible. But later, we got to know that those were something else. Some kind of rumors or fake news. So in this article, you will get to know about “Number Station.” What is a number station? If you are familiar with this word, you must think it is some kind of horrific word. And if you don’t know the word, then you must be thinking, what is it? So let us know the number station and the story behind it.

Generally, a number station is a shortwave radio station; it sends a message through several specific numbers. It generates encrypted messages which use Morse code, and it was first used in the time of the 1st world war. It is used by foreign intelligence officers for the military. It is used only for important and confidential pieces of information. But many people have the myth that the number station is like something mysterious, ghostly, or supernatural. Some fictional novels and movies about number stations create a vague idea about the number stations.

Number Station

Honestly, these number stations are not some messages sent by aliens or ghosts. These are the secret messages between the foreign intelligence department and the military.  Even there are rumors that the statements are from the dead people who died during the cold war. These messages must have to be collected from the wind for there. Some countries such as China, Cuba, Iran, Romania broadcast shortwave messages with their public radio stations. These numbers must be secret and private. They send the messages publicly, so general people get to know these but can not understand as long as these messages use Morse code or Digital code. These code language or secret numbers are sent through public radio stations between foreign intelligence officers and the military, known as the number station.

Now you must have the question: Before the radio’s invention, how messages were used to send? So, before radio, they used to send the messages through letter or light signal. After some time in the nineteenth century, the telegraph or telegram was used to communicate the code numbers. Just after the launch of radio in the early stage of the century, it was available for military purposes. When Germany came to know about the radio station that was used by the Russian army, they became aware of the messages. There were fictional novels about radio stations operated by Germany to launch a crushing operation in East Prussia in 1914. So as that happened from fictional stories, somebody named them fictional novels about number stations.

When the 1st world war was going, and it was about to end, these coded numbers of number stations were sent by low and medium wave frequencies in the last years. After the 1st time used shortwaves in the early 1920s, they started using it to send messages. The shortwaves used for the number station would travel through the ionosphere, and after that, they would be reflected again to Earth.

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