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Woman finds crystal rock in second-hand backpack

There were a variety of suggestions from social media users for what the bizarre item was, and why it ended up in her new bag.

A bargain hunter received a touch more than she was expecting when she got home and opened up a second-hand backpack she bought from an op shop.

Inside the $20 faux leather near-new treasure was not only a residual aroma of crayons and pencils, but something far more mystical.

At the bottom of the dark grey bag, along with a temporary parking ticket, was a mysterious long rectangular white rock.

“Every time I go to a thrift shop, I always wonder about the previous owner of whatever neat thing I get,” the woman, based in the US, shared to Facebook.

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“But yeah, what kind of crystal is this? And would this be considered good luck?” she wrote.

More than 600 people weighed in on her discovery, which the woman passed off as a “a neat little token the universe threw my way to keep things interesting”.

While hundreds celebrated the find, which was generally believed to be a “cleansing and peaceful” selenite crystal, others had more sinister suspicions.

“Man that’s a huge crack rock,” one wrote, with a few other jokers falsely claiming it was “crystal meth”.

Among other suggestions were comments from people who thought the rock could have been a “flattened large joint” or a “tampon”.

“I honestly thought this was posted in a drug group and someone shared a pic of big shard of meth. I’m glad I was wrong though and it’s a crystal,” one person wrote.

Despite the naysayers, many encouraged the woman with their belief the crystal had landed in her possession out of spiritual force.

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“When a crystal gets lost, it usually mean it’s served its purpose for that individual. I lost a lithium necklace at the airport several years ago. I figured someone else must need it,” one wrote.

Several others urged the woman to use charge the crystal in the full moon to benefit from its “magical” capabilities.

“The most magical of stones are the ones that find you! Tonight is the full moon put it on your windowsill to charge it while you sleep,” one wrote.

The woman behind the post later updated it revealing what her intentions were with the crystal.

“I will hold onto this totally not meth crystal, and take it as a happy sign that all will be well,” she wrote.

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