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Xinjiang conference showed China ‘wasn’t serious about providing information’

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Adam Galloway says the bizarre press conference about Xinjiang showed China was not “serious about providing any information” about the Uyghurs.

Mr. Galloway told Sky News the question had to be asked who the real audience was.

“We, the Australian media, we’re an audience, but they would have known they’re not going to convince us with that kind of show; they needed to directly answer our questions, which they didn’t,” he said.

“Surely a government knows how many people are locked up within a certain province in their country, and to not even answer a basic question like that just showed they weren’t serious about providing any information.”

Mr. Galloway said in many cases, things that appear to be for the international community are “actually aimed at the domestic audience” to claim governmental transparency and deny wrongdoing. “They think they can just come to tackle these issues head-on and deny everything in a way they couldn’t 10, 12 years ago.

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